Jury Employer Information

Employers, your help is essential.

Employers help the jury system work by ensuring that all citizens are available to serve on juries.

Employees are protected from discipline.
An employer shall not terminate, discipline, threaten or take adverse actions against any employee due to that employee's receipt of or response to a jury summons. Any employee discharged due to jury service may bring civil action against his or her employer within ninety days of discharge for recovery of lost wages and other damages caused by the violation and for an order directing reinstatement of the employee. (Section 494.460.)

Employees’ annual, vacation, personal and sick leave.
An employee may not be required or requested to use annual, vacation, personal, or sick leave for time spent:
1. Responding to a summons for jury duty
2. Participating in the jury selection process
3. Serving on jury

An employer is not required to provide annual, vacation, personal, or sick leave to employees who are not entitled to such benefits under company policy. (Section 494.460)

Postponement is available for businesses with 5 or fewer full time employees.
If another employee of the employer has been summoned to appear during the same period, courts shall automatically postpone and reschedule service of a summoned juror if his/her employer employs five or fewer full time employees or their equivalent. (Section 494.460)

Employees' jury service is generally not lengthy.
Employers will most likely see their employees, even if selected to actually serve on a jury, back at work within a few days. While juror trials may extend for longer periods, based on the length of juror trials across the state last year, most trials were completed within two days.

The jury system works for business, too.
While employers have valid concerns about how jury service affects their employees and resources, businesses frequently benefit directly from the legal system. For example, the legal system allows businesses to enforce contracts, protect against intellectual fraud, and resolve employment disputes.

Thank you for your support!

To view statutory sections, visit www.moga.mo.gov.

Information retreived from: http://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=1000
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