Probate Division

The Probate Division is responsible for three main areas:  Decedent’s Estates, Guardianships and Mental Health. 

Probate Records

200 North Main Street, Suite 201

Rolla, MO 65401

Probate Judge

Phone: (573)458-6245

Fax: (573)458-6235

You may contact one of probate clerks below for more information.  The clerks are not permitted to give legal advice. 

Probate Division Clerks
573-458-6245 (Decedent Estates and Mental Health)
573-458-6207 (Guardianships)


Probate Forms: 

The only forms we have been provided by the Office of the State Court’s Administrator to hand out to the public are as follows (click to open):

Decedent Estates
Mental Health


Filing Fees

Decedent Estate Filing Fees:

(a)  Full Estate Without a Will         $148.00
(b)  Full Estate With a Will              $183.00
(c)  Small Estate Without a Will                   $  68.00
(d)  Small Estate With a Will                       $103.00
(e)  Refusal of Letters Without a Will           $  68.00
(f)  Refusal of Letters With a Will    $103.00
(g)  Determination of Heirship                     $  68.00   plus certified mailing fees
(h)  Petition to Require Admin.                    $  68.00
(i)  Will Admitted Only                               $  68.00

Guardianship and/or Conservator Filing Fees:

(a)  Minor                                                   $  93.00
(b)  Adult                                                   $108.00

Service fee is to be made payable to the appropriate Sheriff’s Department in the appropriate amount.

Mental Health Filing Fees:

96-hour involuntary hold                             $  68.00

All filing fees should be made payable to the Phelps County Circuit Clerk

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